Alsi Resort

A family-owned destination resort on the beautiful Oregon coast, we are passionate about many things: personal enrichment, whole food, sustainable living practices, spiritual development, and community connection. All of which combine to embrace the philosophy of the Alsi Native Indian, the earlier settlers of this raw and tranquil landscape upon which the Alsi Resort lies.

Where the calm waters of the Alsea River meet the headstrong waves of the mighty Pacific Ocean, the Alsi (meaning “peace”) honored and respected this land they called home. That sense of honor and balance are still felt here and whatever it is you seek, you will find it. Here, you will reconnect with your Self, nature, the spirit of the Alsi, the seasons and all their abundance, and real and local food prepared fresh daily.


Situated on nearly 20 water-front acres, Alsi Resort is a feast for the senses. Waving sea grass, calm water, a soft mountain silhouette, a simple yet elegant bridge spanning the bay, misty sunrises, twisted driftwood, jagged rock, and the sounds of healthy marine habitats all combine to create a landscape rich with life and mystery. Collect rocks on the beach, enjoy a waterfront fire, count the stars from your patio, or drop your kayak into the bay. Enjoying nature at Alsi begins with the first footstep out your door.


Our community is just beginning. We have new management, new vision, new staff, and BIG plans! Being new, we need to listen to the land, the seasons, the wind, the salt, the soil, the sun, the wildlife. We’re willing to start small to ensure we impact this beautiful space at a rate that’s healthy for it. Just like the Alsi, we intend to take only what we need and within the boundaries of Nature rather than our own demands.

This is how we approach our extended community, too. Our guests and neighbors need also to be tended with care and concern, and at a pace that provides the greatest benefit, individually and as a collective. We’re starting simply with this endeavor, also: by giving you permission to slow your pace so that you, too, can reconnect with Nature, the seasons, and your Self. Perhaps that’s best done by flying a hand-made kite on the winds of the Pacific. The only way to know for sure what you need is to tune in and listen, then do. If you need wood whittling and trying your hand at in-ground composting, then let’s do it!


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