Alsi Resort: Homage to our Ancestors

Sitting here, cursor blinking and fingertips poised, my brain and heart are whirring with words and passion, excited to share our vision with you, yet not certain where to begin.

I’ll start with our name, Alsi Resort, because its meaning is the foundation upon which the entire business sits. Alsi was chosen intentionally and with a humble desire to honor the Native Americans who made their living on this land for thousands of years until the 20th century. The Alsi, meaning “peace” in the tribal language, were nature- and community-centered, taking from the environment only what they needed and seasonally honoring the earth’s abundance. They wintered in the Coastal Mountain Range to our east, where they lived with the same intention and respect for nature’s resources.

A wildfire forced the tribe to flee their inland homes and seek safety at the water’s edge, a harrowing journey that took dozens of lives. It is speculated that a funeral ceremony honoring the lives of the deceased was performed on what we now respectfully refer to as the Sacred Space, a 7.3 acre water-front parcel that stands in all its natural elegance: waving sea grass, white sand, and twisted driftwood.

When I first visited the property in March to determine whether I wanted to accept the position of General Manager, I was drawn to the Sacred Space immediately, unaware of its history. Mesmerized by its compelling force, I by-passed the resort parking lot and instead pulled over to the side of the road, instantly vacating my car and leaving the door open behind me. I walked straight into the center of this space and with eyes closed, facing the windswept waters of the Alsea Bay, I knew I was home.

There’s energy here, and it’s sacred to be certain. The decision was easy. And had nothing to do with the giant building to my right. On that misty and bone-chilling afternoon, the land delivered a message and welcomed me to its Purpose. It shared its vision with such clarity that still, despite the many challenges in renewing the life of an 80 room resort and restaurant, there is no doubt of its intention, nor its success.

A visit to Alsi Resort is an invitation to return to a simpler way of life, in community with nature, our greater Self, and each other. Where we reconnect with our true essence and remind ourselves of our own Purpose. Where we reconnect with real food and seasonal abundance. Where we reconnect with our family and prioritize its needs above all else. Where we become aware of our neighbor, and invite him to our table, judgments aside. Where we tend to nature and replenish what we’ve respectfully and honorably received.

Local food, cooking classes, yoga, garden workshops, energy work, kite building, composting lessons, community dinners, fire ceremonies, wood whittling, personalized retreats, kids camp, labyrinth candle walks, Sacred Space meditation, and a Fall Harvest Retreat, our signature event. All offerings, and more in the works, to continue the vision and example so beautifully demonstrated by the Alsi.

History is a vital gift. And so, too, is the future. We have a story to share at Alsi Resort, and equally important, we extend an opportunity to examine your current Self and design a future in alignment with your soul’s yearning. We all need navigational tools to route ourselves, every day. Alsi Resort would like to help you tune into your intuition, your own True North.

I look forward to breaking bread with you. And speaking of which, I’m very excited and proud to also introduce Waves, our on-site restaurant and lounge boasting magnificent views of the Alsea Bay Bridge and, within closer range, our organic kitchen garden of herbs, flowers, and greens. Offering a local, seasonal, and non-gmo menu, Waves’ grand opening is June 29th. I encourage you to make a reservation as the opening has been highly anticipated by returning guests and our Waldport neighbors.

While our website is in its final stages of construction as we make the transition from Soul Vacation Resort to Alsi Resort, you can learn more about Waves and our vision by visiting:


Annie McHale

General Manager